When tobacco chain smokers switch to e-cig vaporizers, quitting the smoking habit becomes easier. In fact, much easier than all other known nicotine replacement therapies like gum, cbd and nicotine patches.

Electronic cigarettes are smoke-free and therefore much healthier to the body. Regardless of the brand you choose, e-cigars are available in different flavors and nicotine concentration. This means that a vaper can easily regulate his/her nicotine intake by switching between the available nicotine densities. For example, a smoker of high-density nicotine cigarette can get started with e-cigar of equal nicotine density and then gradually move to low densities and finally to zero nicotine e-cigar.

If you have been struggling with nicotine addiction and you almost feel like giving up, it is time to try something that has worked wonderfully well for hardcore tobacco smokers. E-cigars help not to expose the users to the toxic substances found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. It therefore means that you can nurse your nicotine addiction as you avoid exposure to cancer and other cardiovascular diseases.

Order your e-cigarette starter kit and enjoy vaping your way to safety. The secret about quitting smoking with e-cigarette is to start with the nicotine strength that you are comfortable with. Moreover, because of your strong resolve to kick the addiction, gradually lower your intake. By the time you realize, you will have quit smoking long time ago!

The potential of vape mods to help people quit smoking is not just empty rhetoric. In several surveys, hardcore tobacco smokers have confessed having weaned themselves off the addiction with e-cigarettes much faster than they could imagine. Some 91% smokers sampled in recent surveys said that using e-cigars has considerably reduced their nicotine craving. In addition, as much as 75% reported having been able to kick the addiction in less than 90 days.

If indeed quitting tobacco smoking and dislodging yourself from the grip of nicotine addiction has been your dream, e-cigarettes have shown that they are the answer going by the number of satisfied users.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 21% of the American population had decided to take up smoking as a way of quitting analog smoking in the year 2011, which is a huge boost from the 10% of the population that was recorded to have taken up electronic cigars at 2010.

According to Michael Siegel, who graduated from Yale University and has been researching tobacco for around 2 decades, strongly advocates and propagates that the use of electronic cigars smoke is much safer and healthier compared to the analog smoking cigarettes.

According to a recent research that was conducted in the United Kingdom, which was an online survey, they reiterated that from their findings, about 1,400 proclaimed e cigar users, 76% of the sample said that they took up the consummation of e cigars so as to stop the habit of tobacco cigarette smoking. A small percentage that was left said that they had a goal of quitting the act of smoking.