E juice is categorized according to the milligrams of the nicotine. The nicotine content ranges from 0 mg. to 24 mg. The more nicotine that the e-juice has, the stronger throat sensation it will give. The will give the users an opportunity to choose how much nicotine they want to have in the e-juice.

The Best E-Cigs on the Market

There are lots of e-cigarette brands that you can choose from. Some of those brands are listed below.

V2 Cigs

The V2 Cigs is the leading brand of electronic cigarette. It is the biggest online retailer of e-cigarettes and also has the largest fan base. This brand produces a variety of products and a longer battery life. Some of the products that they sell are vape mods, liquids, batteries, and many more. It is the best smoking alternative for both first timers and who have been using this device for so long.

Vapor Fi

Vapor Fi is the newly improved brand of Vapor Zone. Apart from it offers e-cigarettes and e-cig liquids; it offers 6 various models of vaporizers. They sell miniature e-cigs and long vape mods which give the consumers an opportunity to buy the kind of vaporizer that they want. But the best thing about this brand is their e-cig liquid. Apart from they offer a large selection of flavors, they also offer a liquid that lets you create your own flavor. You’ll be able to control the amount of nicotine and flavor that you want to have for your device.

Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs is the pioneer in the electronic cigarette industry. The brand offers high-end vape modshardware that will be enjoyed by both experienced and new vapors. They also offer a wide variety of flavors that are loved by their consumers.

Mig Cigs

Another brand that you should look for is the Mig Cigs. It is the brand that offers Mig21, a mini electronic cigarette that provides the benefits of the larger devices. This is perfect for those who don’t want to carry huge e-cigs but still want to get its benefits.

Apollo E-Cigs

This is the most recommended brand by many electronic cigarette users. This brand provides options for both first timers and advanced users. For advanced users, eGo is the recommended electronic cigarette device due to its eccentric batteries that can be connected to a wide range of tanks. This vaporizer offers a more personalized feature as you can fill it up with any brand of juice that you want.

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke is one of the oldest brands of e-cigarette. The brand doesn’t show any improvement compared to other brands. But it is still a good choice if you are looking for a variety of flavors and long history.

777 E-Cigs

777 is a well-respected e-cigarette company. Just like the South Beach Smoke, this manufacturer has been around for a long time. Their products are a top-notch and their customer service, as well. The brand provides a good amount of taste and vapor which are loved by their loyal consumers.
These are just some of the best e-cigarette brands that you can choose from. Though they all have amazing flavors and the same looks and designs, it all comes down to the performance of the device. When choosing a vaporizer, look for a brand that offers a long battery life so you can enjoy your experience using this device.