Making a switch into vaping from smoking is not a simple random step you can make overnight. This requires that you get fully equipped in terms of knowledge and tips on the various vape mods for sale. Finding the best pen should be the priority. In as much as they simplify the task of bells and whistles associated with e-cigar, finding the best is a challenging task.

V2 Pro Series 3

v2-pro-w-handSince introduction, V2 cigs have gained popularity in the vaping industry. The selling factor associated with these pens includes the ability to vaporize loose leaf, e-liquid, and wax. They can practically handle any item you may want to vape. In the market, they are however found in two series: the pro series 7, and the pro series 3. The latter is better due to its dynamic nature with advanced capabilities from series 7.

Joyetch eGo One

This is the second best-rated pen for e-liquid. The eGo one from the Joyetech Company has its roots down many vaporizers. This is due to its larger, more robust design as it maintains it simple operation. It has a single button for firing but a huge battery with very low resistance atomizers. It also has a straightforward tank with simple filling procedures and adjustable airflow through a defined control ring.

VaporFi Rocket

It is among the commonly used vaporizer pens with distinguishable characteristics. It comes with a tank purposely built with a capacity of 2.5mls of juice and 1.8-ohm atomizer with five more spares making it among the best in the market. Its refilling process is also simple with easy to control airflow channels. It is however among the most expensive vaporizer known.

Kanger Subvod    

This pen is commonly identified by its compact battery that supports sub-ohm vaping. It is also a simple make thus user-friendly. It has a 3.2 ml capacity tank, which has simplified filing process. With a low resistance of up to 0.4 ohms, it can power most tanks, and even better, can be recharged by a USB cable.

Eleaf iJust 2

Just like all the other vaporizer pens, it has a simple structure with a classic shape and design. It has a huge capacity battery of approximately 2600 mAh, which can last you a whole day of vaping. It also has a low resistance of 0.3 ohms with minimal adjustments to be made. Its tank features an adjustable airflow that provides a simple vaping experience.

Apollo Ohm Go

Being in the cigarette industry for quite some time, Apollo has vast experience in making these items. This specific model puts out a substantial amount of power and is self-adjusting. This makes it the better option for new people in this fold. Its battery also comes with a USB charger with a pass-through mode that allows you to vape while charging.

In conclusion, finding the best vaping pen can bring about a lot of anxiety. Having the above descriptions will enable you to make a comparison with other pens. Consider also several factors such as the cost of purchase before settling on a pen to acquire.