v2pro_series_7We all know that smoking is bad for our health. Smoking has not only been linked to deterioration of lung functionality but also other health-related diseases. It is because of the adverse effects associated with smoking that most people opt to use pen vaporizers. It is not just because of their ease of use; vaporizers pens help eliminate the dangers related to the combustion. A vaporizer pen, which is commonly known as a vape pen removes all the carcinogenic substances so that you get to inhale only beneficial aromas found in either plants or herbs.

As more and more brands flood the marketplace, it is crucial to choose the best vaporizer pen depending on characteristics such as quality, aesthetics, durability, and affordability. The best vape pen will not only be available in a color of your choice but will also have the ability to vaporize different concentrate types. While there are so many different companies making vape pens, V2 Cigs have distinguished themselves as a reputable company by making the best vaporizer pen called: V2 Cigs Pro Series 3.

Battery life

One of the factors to consider when buying the best vaporizing pen is the battery. V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 has a 650mAh battery power and a magnetic charge port, which allows you to connect its USB charger to your laptop, car adapter or even a wall adapter. Apart from having the ability to use the pen when it is a charging state, there is also an LED indicator, which changes color when the vaporizing pen is fully charged.

Concentrate compatibility

When it comes to concentrate compatibility, V2 Cigar Pro Series 3 is the best considering that it has a heating time of between 15 to 30 seconds without burning your herb. For just $60, the pen can vaporize dry herbs, e-liquids, wax, oils and has a refill level of up to 20 times without exceeding the weight of 50gms.


V2 Cigar Pro Series 3 is made from three different types of magnetic cartridges, which are easy to install. The smart technology, sleek builds, and single body design used to make the cartridges prevent any leakage or accidental spillage. The fingertip control also ensures that you can customize your pen according to your preferred temperature and voltage. These great features make the V2 Pro Series 3 both durable and convenient for traveling with it.

The pen also comes in a wide variety of colors such as black, stainless steel and black enabling you to choose your preferred pen color that suits your style and preference. As a result, the pen is not only lightweight, portable, affordable but also sleek.

Cartridge flavors

When choosing the best vaporizing pen, it is important to consider a company that offers cartridges with different flavor liquids. The V2 Cigar Pro Series 3 pen contains a wide variety of flavored liquids such as chocolate, peppermint, green tea, cherry, menthol and vanilla.

Today’s vaporizer pens are indistinguishable. However, buying the V2 Cigar Pro Series 3 from V2 Company, which is a trustworthy company with a reputable guarantee, then you will be establishing a successful long distance relationship with your vaporizer pen.